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QSS is my attempt to force some modernisation upon the general quake community. Instead of focusing on flakey unreliable shit like qccx hacks, QSS is more forwards thinking and provides QC extensions, protocol improvements, and the removal of limits on top of those already provided by QS.
QSS is not intended to change the aesthetics from that of QS, it should feel pretty much identical until an extension is actually needed, however there are exceptions:
Other features will only be used if the user/map/mod explicitly uses it. Eg: there the particle system itself defines no custom particles, but the user can set r_particledesc to provide their own particles, or the mod can use particleeffectnum("") to use the 'bar' particle effect from the 'foo' config.
Latest Release:EricW's build
Latest Release with extra crap: r7

Latest Release: EricW's build

R8: I really need to do something about this. There's a patch if you want it.